VC vs. ICO: Global fundraising & Startup Pitch Contest I Odessa

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Скоро в Одессе! VC vs. ICO: Global fundraising & Startup Pitch Contest I Odessa
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Starta Accelerator is excited to announce that we are accepting applications from technology startups with Eastern-European roots for our Summer'18 batch program in New York. The Program starts on August 6th 2018.

Zoltan Szalas, Venture Partner of Starta Ventures is visiting from New York to do a workshop and host a pitch contest in Odessa.


17.40-18.00 Registration

18.00-19.00 Workshop on Global fundrasing: "VC vs. Accelerators vs. ICO Fundraising Alternatives for Startups"

Current state of the market

Will crypto crowd sale replace traditional VC?

Tokens vs equity: Fast access to money and early adopters.

Successful and not so much cases: ICO & VC

Zoltan Szalas Proven entrepreneur and product marketer. Founder of Croissant a digital coworking pass that is in over 20 cities with over 10,000 customers worldwide. He is also an avid crypto investor and the Founder of Zaruti, a savings account for crypto coins. Recently joined Starta Venturs as a venture partner.

19.00-19.30 Keynote & Q&A: "Agrieye experience on global expansion and fundrasing"

Andrey Sevruykov, founder, CEO at Agrieye, Starta Accelerator alumni

Agrieye - Artificial intelligence designed to help farmers grow more with less

19.30-20.00 Pitch Contest

Opportunity to pitch your startup (1 min elevator pitch without slides), get feedback from Starta Ventures and Judges and win 1 year of a virtual desk at coworking Sputnik Space in NYC (includes using the address as headquarters and a desk for 5 days a month). You will have an opportunity to be selected for the next summer Batch#6 at Starta Accelerator in NYC.

If you want to participate in our Pitch contest please RSVP as Startup Pitch Pass and send your Deck at

Starta Ventures took all Starta initiatives under the umbrella of the Starta Ventures family in 2017. Its mission is to break through traditional venture capital barriers to empower the next generation of tech entrepreneurs.

Starta Accelerator is an NYC-based accelerator that helps companies with Eastern-European roots to grow their business in the USA. Accelerators main mission is to introduce startups to best practices, trusted advisers and mentors, and overcome cultural differences through a customized educational program that help startups to gain traction in U.S. and become part of the local startup and investing ecosystem. The program lasts 3.5 months, the next program starts in August 2018.

If you are interested in expanding your startup to US, we opened up the applications, please apply over here.

What we are looking for in a startup:

willingness to expand to U.S.

MVP and global product potential

B2B, B2SMB, B2B2C model


ability to spend 3+ months in New York

What we are offering:

we give 130K in pre-seed money + operational expenses+ partenship&sponsorship bonuses for 7% of equity.

US Office Boarding & Adaptation:

NYC office space

Assistance for daily life (Visa, apartment rental, transportation, family & children relocation support)

Business assistance (legal, accounting, operations)

Business Development:

Education (seminars, workshops, roundtable and webinars)

Mentorship & Investor connection

PR & Marketing to raise awareness in US market

Demo Days, Startup events & Industrial events
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